Accounting, Payroll service, Establishment of a company, Business planning

Our company offers wide range of services from the first idea, across the formation, to the termination of a company.

How is the Erkazo-Plusz Ltd. different from other accounting office?

In our accounting office we do not just fulfil the factual data processing, but we follow with attention the activity of our partners. In this way, we can give advice to them to for a more profitable management. Thanks to the continuous consultation with our client, you will not face the obligation payment or your financial data in the last moment.

Services of the Erkazo – Plusz Ltd. accounting office:

01. Advisory in connection with the establishment of a company

You have an idea, but you do not know how to get started? We provide comprehensive service for you. What kind of business form is ideal for your company? How much cost involves in establishment or operation of a company? Furthermore, we can give advice for you in connection with what kind of tax mode you can choose from and which worth it, etc.

02. Establishment of a company in Hungary

Our accounting office helps you establish your company with favourable prices and local administration.

03. Comprehensive accounting and payroll services

The Erkazo-Plusz accounting office provides comprehensive accounting, tax and payroll services. In addition, we prepare the related analytics, administrations and tax returns. Our employees put a great emphasis on the continuous communication with and information to our partners, because we help our clients make the proper decisions. Over and above, our partners are represented before authorities. If you would like to get up-to-date accounting, you choose the Erkazo-Plusz Ltd. with trust.

04. Preparation of business plan

Furthermore, our company undertake the preparation of business plan to applications, loans or if you would like to know whether your idea is worth or not.

05. Accumulation of wealth

The Erkazo-Plusz accounting office prepares balance sheet of your company, and look for the trouble spot in order to the fact that we help you during an ongoing procedure or if you only would like to review your financial position.

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