Our Values

The Erkazo-Plusz Ltd. follows the below values during the daily operation:

01. Reliability

The reliability is essential value for our accounting office. According to the law and our best knowledge, we perform our tasks. Our employees take into consideration the interest of our partners while they do their everyday work.

02. Professional competence

The employees of the Erkazo-Plusz Ltd. are highly educated, our every accountant has chartered accountant qualification. Furthermore, our payroll assistant has labour and social security certification. Our company has provided services with the leading of the present owner since the 1st of January 2008. To sum up, employees of our accounting office have several years of experience and possess professional competence. Our comprehensive services are customized to the given company in every cases.

03. Secrecy

Data of our partners and information are handed confidentially. We only give out information to third person in the case of legal obligation or to the entitlement of the owner.

04. Objectivity

Our company is about to communicate with our client honesty and objectively. Furthermore, we put emphasis on the fact and not on the supposition.

05. Accuracy, exactitude

During the daily operation, our accounting office puts a great emphasise on fulfilling the task accurately and precisely. Furthermore, our company pays special attention to compliance deadlines and schedule the activities in order to meet them.

06.  Flexibility

Our company is also about to manage the unscheduled task in a flexible way in order to enhance the satisfaction of our partners. 

07. Honesty

During the performance of services our accounting office acts on according to the legislative framework.

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